NNU Vs Newspay: Which should you join?

NNU vs newspay
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NNU is one of the biggest income programs in Nigeria at the moment. However, many people are fleeing from this because of the crowd. Some are now joining Newspay income program. That is what  prompted me into making this review title NNU vs Newspay.

NNU Income Program

NNU income program has been live on the web for some time now. Ever since their launch in late 2017, they have gathered over 600,000 thousand members and still counting.

NNU can be said to have made some people rich and some people have paid important bills from this NNU income program and we can not deny this fact. Prosper Noah, who is one of the highest earning members on NNU has amassed over N500,000 from this income program.

People,have started successful businesses with NNU income program and some of become high earners through this small investment of N1600.

Newspay Income Program

Newspay recently came into limelight and has gotten the attention of many Nigerians. You can rarely see anyone on the internet who has not heard about Newspay in Nigeria.

Newspay is just one of the many sites that pays you to read news, comment and share posts on your social media accounts daily. You get paid for daily logins also.

The site pays you from the revenue they make from ads displayed on their platform. It is legit and easy to get started with.

All you have to do is pay the registration form and get started. We have seen proof of payment all over the place…on social media and on blogs so it is enough to say Newspay income program is 100% legit just like NNU.


I have seen so many people ask me questions like “Should I join NNu or Newspay”? which is what prompted me to write this post. You can join any of them but there are some guidelines that will assist you to choose the right one aqt the moment.

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NNU VS NEWSPAY: Which should you join?

Well I will say newspay because of these few reasons.

  1. Newspay pays: Yes Newspay is legit but it does not mean NNu is not. You get paid on Newspay easier than you can get paid on NNU. This is probably due to the amount of people who have registered on NNU. It takes up to six weeks before you can receive your payment from NNU and it may not be your full payment sometimes. Which brings me to the next point.
  2. Lesser members: Due to the lesser members on Newspay, it has made payment processing faster than that of NNU. NNU has oiver half a million active people on the platform whilke newspay doesnt come close to half of it. This is making it easier for newspay to promote their services, platform and still pay all memebers who reached the payment threshold.
  3. No referrals needed: This is why most people ran away from NNU. Ever since they got so much members, they changed their policies and it is very strict. To get paid on NNU, you need at least two referrals. While newspay doe not require referrals. You get your money directly to your bank account either way.
  4. SO that is all on the NNU vs Newspay review. Hope this answers your question.

Five best ways to get referrals on NEwspay and NNU

Based on what was read on techpanda about NNU review we can see that referrals are the best ways to make money on newspay and this is how to get those referrals:

1 Social Media platforms: This is an amazing way to get the referrals you desire. Social media platforms produce some of the best ways to make money online.

Your goal is to get as many people as possible to sign up using your link. SO how do  you achieve that?

The first thing to do is look for a payment proof from Newspay and upload it with a post explaining how to get money from newspay and NNU. This trick works for both.

2. Forums: Nairaland is the recommended forum for this. You can get referrals from Nairaland by using the same trick you used for the social media too.

But you need to shorten your link using a link shortener like bitly.com or any other good one you can find.

3. Ads: You can run adverts on NNU, facebook or instagram. This is the best way to reach thousands of people in a day.

I think with this nnu vs newspay post, you already know the right thing to do.

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