​10 Uses of coconut oil for skin and body

uses of Coconut oil
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Coconut oil10 Uses of coconut oil for skin and body

Coconut oil is one of the most used organic skin products for its properties to nourish and hydrate the epidermis cells. It has great power to treat and improve body beauty and is great when you use it for the face. But also when you extend it for the whole body, it srengthens the subcutaneous tissues, the structure of the epidermis and provides all the moisture and some trace elements that this important body needs to feel beautiful and healthy.

In addition, its power is not only there, but also serves for hair. So in reality, coconut oils are very versatile cosmetics. Thanks to the fact that you can benefit from its multiple properties. It is very easy to find a space in your routine to take care of yourself.

It also contains very healthy fatty acids for the health of people, for you, for me, and for anyone who uses it.

Some of them are excellent used topically or ingested, so it has more than one use, such as the properties of linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids.
It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. And thanks to them it strengthens the body against infections caused by germs and bacteria.
In beauty, it is used to make coconut moisturizers as well as hair masks, bodymilk and essential oils of flowers through a distillation process.

However, some cosmetics can use part of the pulp, making a very nutritious white paste for the skin. From this, the oil with a characteristic amber color can finally be extracted.
It has many benefits besides a pleasant smell. It is a great element to be beautiful. If you eat it, it has a high fiber content, which is very good for digestion and intestinal transit, but in this article we are interested in the benefits of coconut oil when you use it topically. We want to use it to improve the health of the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. So for these purposes, it is very important that it is a good moisturizer that also removes dry skin. So let’s see what it’s for.

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1. Moisturizing: apply a little on dry skin after showering. This provides the dermal cells with a liquid base of fatty acids that is excellent for hydration. You can use it both in the morning and at night, just before sleeping. People who have dry heels and cracked soles can make intensive use of this organic product. It goes very well for cracks in the feet and dry skin.
2. Facial cleanser: some people enjoy using it to remove makeup but as it has antibacterial properties it is effective to leave the face untouched. You can apply it at night and in the morning stick a pass with a specific cleanser for the face. So you take advantage of its moisturizing action while you sleep. It goes well for skin sensitive to chemicals, atopic skin and the like. Of course, try it before in a small portion of the skin..

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3. Deodorant: thanks to the properties of lauric acid contained in coconut oil it is effective as a deodorant. Eliminates the bad smell of sweat and armpits that is produced by bacteria. You can use it after a shower or as a regular deodorant. An effective remedy for this is to do it at home. For very little money you can have a long-lasting homemade deodorant.

4. Hair mask: it also works as a hair softener prior to washing. Prevents hair breakage that occurs when combing. It leaves it soft and silky. You can use coconut oil for hair for 15 minutes before showering. Then you use water and shampoo and you get a hair full of vitality.

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5. Sunscreen: natural and without toxic substances for your body and the environment. It works as a protector against UVA and UVB rays and is ecological. Provides the skin with enough to avoid spoiling by dehydration and dryness of the sun. Enjoy vitamin D without fear of burns. If you are looking for a biodegradable sunscreen this can be very useful. It is 100% ecological and does not pollute.

6. Toothpaste: mixed with sodium bicarbonate and 15 drops of mint is a fabulous toothpaste. If you think about your health, you should avoid as soon as possible the toxic fluoride that contains the vast majority of toothpaste that you buy at the supermarket.
7. Anti-stretch marks: when the skin does not have enough moisture and there is a sudden change in the natural elasticity micro breaks can occur. These cause stretch marks. You can suffer them in pregnancy, by gaining weight or gain muscle mass very fast. The moisturizing properties of the coconut oil  for the skin help prevent this kind of unsightly marks.
8. Body and skin shine: can provide the shine you need in your skin withered and off. It brings out the hidden glow of the hair and revitalizes it again. You can rub a few drops gently on the palms of your hands and then massage all the hair. If you use very little amount it is not necessary to wash it.
9. Moisturizer for lips: use it as Vaseline or the same as the lip volumizer to prevent cracked lips and discomfort due to the weather. Hydrate, care and pamper your mouth. It also provides a subtle shine and light reflections. Something that can come in handy when you go out there.

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10. Antiaging for the contour of the eyes: with a few drops you can greatly favor the cells around the eyes. If you want to prevent crow’s feet, coconut oil is a perfect ally. It avoids the marks of the expressions and maintains for a longer time the softness and youthful appearance.
Remember. You have to use natural and organic coconut oil and ensure it has not been previously used. For the benefits of minerals and fatty acids to penetrate your skin, it is essential that it be as pure as possible.
Share with us your experience of using coconut oil

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