5 things you must never do after a break up

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Break-ups really hurt a lot. You’ve been with someone for months or years just to end everything after one unfortunate event.

Sometimes we may be stubborn not admit our love for that person after the break up but the memories won’t lie. There are some things we are fond of doing after a break up and this can cause lots of problems, especially depression.

So drop that pillow you are biting into, get a nice bath and come back to read this post. Here is a list of things you should never do after a break up:

1. Cry: This is obviously inevitable after a break up but crying may cause some health problems like headaches, body pains and causes one’s face to wrinkle. Excess of it also leads to depression. Although crying nourishes the soul, it can destroy the mind.

2. Thinking too much: Surely some thoughts will start sinking in after a break up – How on earth did I love him? Why did we date? Why did we break up? Who was at fault? You may even go as far as having dreams about that ex you just dumped or the one that dumped you.

Thinking too much, like crying, can also lead to depression which may then escalate into suicidal thoughts and eventually suicide. Headache is also a side effect of serious thinking.

3. Listening to love songs: Many people are guilty of this after a break up. That’s when they pick up their favorite Bruno Mars, One Direction, Adele, or West life song. These songs shouldn’t even be on your playlist by this time.

Maybe after your break up, you may decide to visit entplanet.com to download your songs. It’s never a good idea to listen to love songs after break up.

They can stir up unwanted memories which may (or may not) lead to regrets and mixed thoughts. Talking from first hand experience. Love song is the fuel to a burning heart.

4. Stay alone: I’ve heard many girls say “I just want to be alone right now” after a break up. This is actually not right. Do the equation, Solitude + Memories = Regrets which may lead to self crisis.

You will just get angry at yourself for no reason. You need to surround yourself with with friends, especially funny ones (like me) who will take your mind off some certain things.

If possible, attend an event, just get out of the house and see what the world has to offer. Life is too short to spend it on regrets.

5. Jump into another relationship: This is obviously one heck of a bad idea. As much as it is never good yo be alone, don’t ever jump into another relationship immediately after a break up.

Take your time to enjoy your life while being single. Spend time with family and friends. Explore yourself and make the best out of every moment. Enjoy and share!

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