The Top Best Ankara Styles for Ladies 2019

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Ankara can be made into almost anything, these days. What Africans especially Nigerians are making with Ankara these days are amazing. So we decided to pick amazing so we decided to pick some I the best Ankara styles for Ladies 2019.

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These styles will leave you speechless. Do you love to slay in parties every Saturday? This is surely the right post to view.

You might have hundreds of Ankara materials just waiting to be sewed in your wardrobe but don’t have the right idea of what to sew.

The good news is, Ankara gives you dynamism and unlimited style possibilities. Unlike most other ready-made materials, Ankara affords you that privilege of choosing the exact style you want. Here are some of the very best and latest Ankara styles in Nigeria today. Enjoy and thank me later.

Europeans and Americans have come to embrace our Ankara styles here in Africa.

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There are so many things you can create with Ankara these days. Bags, shoes, belts, jackets, book covers, tablecloths…to mention a few. It has become a whole new revolution for akara in Africa. It has even gone as far as wall clocks.

Ladies, especially have grown fund of beautiful Ankara dresses. You can hardly walk by in Lagos state on a Saturday without seeing a woman slaying in one of the best Ankara styles for women in 2019.

So below are the best Ankara styles for women in 2019

So you will be attending a wedding but don’t know what to wear? This is the Perfect style for a wedding. Very beautiful dress made for slightly curvy ladies.

Ladies with the “figure-eight” shape can use this style. It is clean, beautiful and sleek. Definitely, a jaw dropper when you land in any owambe.

What other way to sew ankara better than this mixed style? This is an amazing style for young girls, especially those between 20-25 years.

This style is simple, mature and killing. Any owambe in 2019 will be glad to have you as a guest.

This is perfect for slim girls and can be said to be the best simple Ankara style in 2019.

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2019 started with a parade of beautiful dresses and this one is just out of this world.

The matching bad says it all. This style is for the modern woman with a slim body and fascinating hips. A list if best Ankara styles in 2019 won’t be complete without this dress.

Perfect slit! What better way to slay than having slits on your dress. The blend and combination of materials say it all. This isn’t just for anybody.

The most sophisticated people where this kind of dress. Want to slay in your next party? Try this and thank me later.

Simple, mature and killing; the perfect definition of fashion. This style is beautiful and good for anyone with moderate body size.

Add matching black heels and boom! Slay queen on the roll.

This is the perfect style do chubby ladies. Big is bold, bold is beautiful. Embrace it and show people your beautiful side with this ankara style.

Best ankara style for laidies in 2019

The level of creativity people get to when designing ankara can not be matched. Perfect for the young teenage girls

It doesn’t matter the pagtern on the ankara, what matters most is that you are wearing it right.

Creativity is what defines ankara. You have to think outside the box and create something unusual and unique.

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