purpose of courtship

Purpose of courtship
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What is the purpose of courtship

Courtship is an important stage of every human being who initiates a relationship with the person he likes. In this stage young people have the great opportunity to get to know each other and understand what they can give and what is important to receive.

But you must take into account that a courtship is the great opportunity to get to know each other in order to make the best decision, if what they want is to move on to another stage of the relationship and possibly formalize even to reach marriage.

How to start everything

1. Attraction phase, which can be both emotional, as well as physical.

In this stage, when the person clicks you for some reason, the greatest incidence in this phase is due to a physical attraction. He/she may like your body, your face, your eyes, your smile. If you already know the person a little more, there may be an attraction for the little you know of their way of being and for some words expressed by that person.

2. Phase of uncertainty

In this stage is where you usually think if the person that attracts you is the correct one.

Phase where we say yes we are going to be boyfriends: Both decide that they can initiate a courtship and begin to know each other. In this phase you should spend the best moments with your partner.

3. Intimacy phase.

We are not talking about a sexual intimacy, we refer to where both parties give themselves fully to the relationship. This is where both are targets and begin to see their pros and cons! Start the stage where there are situations that should make them analyze if they are with the right person. It has to analyze reactions, environment, personality, dreams, etc.

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4. Engagement phase.

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Here, the relationship becomes much deeper and less superficial. You are already sure or sure that this is your ideal partner.

The real meaning of the engagement is to have the opportunity to know, treat, respect, love and analyze if you are the right person to make a long-term commitment, that is to say for life.

3 crucial aspects of courtship

1. To know each other
We recently read a phrase that applies a lot at this stage and is that the greater the knowledge of things, the lower the risk.

Thus, this decision is related to two parameters: knowledge and risk; the greater the knowledge of the couple, the lower the risk in the relationship. In the courtship you can obtain the information of the person, his family and his reactions or points of view in any situation.

2. To be treated
The true knowledge of others is achieved through mutual treatment. It also has to happen in courtship, which requires a deal that reaches deep issues, related to the character of the other person: what are their beliefs and convictions, what are their illusions, what family values ​​do you have, what is your opinion about the family, children, sharing expenses, etc.

Beware of certain beliefs:
For example, if the beliefs between couples are totally different, they have to establish if this can affect them. For example:

  • My belief is that courtship is only for having sex and being with someone to go out when I feel like it.
  • I believe in open relationships and I can have several couples, without the other person knowing.
  • I do not believe in seeing long-term relationships, I live in the moment.
  • I believe that my boyfriend (a) if he does not accept what I am, I look for another.
  • I believe that here in the relationship I command, if you like it good and if not then there will be another relationship.
  • I do not leave it to the sun or to spare, because I have to know what it does at every moment. If I jealously, it’s because I want it.
  • For me it is better to hide everything, so he/she never know what I do and I think in reality. Since one cannot tell if this relationship is temporary or not. So, why do I have to tell my life.
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These are just some examples. These beliefs are the way to behaviors and possibly of experiences lived in childhood, adolescence and other relationships, which can affect a courtship and that can surely affect a marriage.

If this happens when dealing, it is necessary to pay attention and be able to help the other person, but you must take into account that both must be aware of the problem and seek help to overcome it.

3. To Respect
Respect is not demonstrated by large specific acts of value. The happiest and most lasting relationship is one that knows how to take care of everyday details. That is where respect is wise and knows how to shine on what is important.

On the other hand, we can not forget that these details are also transmitted through good communication. Hence, it is advisable:

  • Make use of words of thanks.
  • Communicate without shouting, taking care of the tone.
  • Use good communication, with phrases like “I know how you feel and I respect you for it”, “tell me how I can help you” or “tell me what I can do to make you happier”.


Paying attention to, and applying the little inputs in this article will help you build a glorious courtship that will see you to the altar

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