Effective Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Red eyes
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Red eyesEffective Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Description: Red eyes is one of the widespread problems in daily life. It can appear very fast even after one night. Home remedies for red eyes will be useful for you.

Sometimes you wake up and realize your eyes becomes redness. You do not know the reason why. You don’t want to see the doctor and refuse any treatment with medication.

However, how to solve this condition as soon as possible. We will introduce some home remedies for red eyes. They are instrumental when you apply them in the right way.

What are the causes of red eyes?

There are many causes of red eyes

Here are some typical objects:

Allergic: Allergic reaction does not only make the eyes discomfort, itchy, cannot stand of intense light or tear. It also activates a red itch area that will turn worse when you rub your eyes.

Anything can cause allergic, but one of them is dust, pollen, animals, detergents, etc.

They can disappear when you stop exposed to agents without any actions. However, they also depend on each.

1. Drink too much alcohol: Alcohol can make some small vessels dilated, it causes more blood flow through it. More drink alcohol, more blood can be visible on the white face of the eyes.

2. Sleep not enough: If the eyes too tired, it will turn red. Because lack of sleep will reduce the amount of oxygen transferred to the eyes, it makes the blood vessels in the eye to dilate and become red.

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If your eyes have to open for a long time due to lack of sleep, it will cause the retina dry and turn red.

3. Stimulant from lenses: Using the lens can reduce the oxygen come to the eyes. It makes the eyes become redness. When you use the lenses too long, or through the night, even it can cause infection and corneal ulcer.

4. Bleeding under the eyes: It occurs when a blood vessel under the eye’s surface breaks, and blood clots form a reddish patch on the white background of the eye.

It can happen due to heavy working or activities such as the gym or lift something.

When you see the redness in your eyes, the first thing you need to determine the cause and stop exposed to them.

If the red eyes do not combine with pain or blurred vision, you can apply home remedies for red eyes to treatment.

Here are some easy ways to reduce this condition.

1. Cold compress: If the cause is the allergy. The eyes will back to normal after stopping exposure to the reason.

However, it could be last for a period.

You can clean the eyes with sterile water or eye drop solution that contain anti-histamine. Also, you can apply the cold compress to reduce swelling.

Cover some ices with a small towel and use around the eyes in a few minutes. Ice can make the blood vessel contracted and removed the redness.

2. Cucumber: It is one of the fruits which can use in redness treatment.

You should cut the cucumber into the thin layer and keep it about 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Then close your eyes and apply each coat. It is not only reduce swelling, but it also has inflammation ingredient and prevents irrigate.

3. Salt: One of the best solutions for red eyes is a salt solution. You prepare some spoons of salt and mix with enough water. Salt can the prevent bacteria and contain information ingredient which protects your eyes.

Mix salt with boil water and when it more refreshing, clean your eyes with it.

4. Green tea: It is another solution for red eyes. Green tea contains anti-inflammation substances which can prevent swelling and improve eye’s condition.

Boiling water and put some green tea leaves. When this solution is cooling, wash the eyes with it many times. Green tea also a fantastic drink which good for your health.

5. Aleo vera: It has the cooling ability so that it can be useful for red eyes treatment. You remove the covered and take the gel inside. Keep this gel in a refrigerator until it was cold. Mix it with cold water and apply this to the eyes in a few minutes and clean it again.

6. Potato: The same another home remedies, potatoes contain inflammation properties.

That means it can be useful to reduce red eyes. Cut the potatoes into some small and thin layer and apply this in the eyes about 15 minutes.

It will better if you keep potatoes colder before using.

Provide enough water for your body: Dehydration can cause dry retina that is a cause of red eyes. Provide more water can prevent this condition.

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7. Maintain a healthy diet : Some research showed that omega three could prevent inflammation. Some foods contain the high level of omega three like a fish, nut, salmon, etc.

Besides that, you also need to add more vitamin A, B, C in vegetables or fruit to prevent red eyes.

Some advised after using home remedies for red eyes that can prevent this condition.

  • Sleep enough every day to reduce red eyes related to dries retina.
  • Give up smoking and drinking alcohol with the massive amount that causes dilated blood vessels.
  • Do not use a computer, iPad, smartphone or sitting in front of a television for a long time without relaxing.
  • Maintain a healthy diet with enough water.
  • If the cause comes from contact lenses: Hand hygiene carefully before use it to prevent bacteria.
    When do you need to see the doctor?

In general, red eyes is familiar and it will disappear after a few days. You can apply home remedies for red eyes by yourself.

However, red eyes combine with some other symptoms such as painful, discharge, blurred vision or even loss of ability to see anything. Be contact with the doctor as soon as possible.

Red eyes are the common condition that can occur to anyone. It is the reason why you should know home remedies for red eyes.

Because it can reduce this problem quite quickly without medication or save the time to see a doctor.

Hope this article useful for you.



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