How Much Deodorant Should I Use?

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Have you ever confused: “How much deodorant should I use?”.

How Much Deodorant Should I Use?

Have you ever confused: “How much deodorant should I use?”. You will find out the answer in this article and have more useful information about deodorant.

Is the body odor making you annoyed? Sweating is actually a normal physiology mechanism occur in human, but sometimes it can come with unpleasant scent. You look for deodorant products with purpose improving this problem.

However, you may ask yourself “How much anti-odorant should I use?” to have the best result. This article will help you understand clearly about deodorant and how much is enough to apply to stay away from body odor.

How much do you know about deodorant?

Nowadays, deodorant is no longer strange to everyone especially with the people who have an unattractive scent comes from the body sweat. If you are one of these objects, do you know exactly about anti-odorant and how much should you use it? First of all, you should find out clearly about anti-odorant and its mechanism to your body when you apply it.

Anti-odorant is an agent used to apply to your body to aim to prevent the odor of the body which is caused by bacteria when they break off perspiration in feet, armpits and other parts of your body.

Some people complained that their sweat is the main “culprit” of this odor but in fact, it is not. Your sweat contains water, salt, and few compounds so it cannot make any smell. The culprit of this problem is your body’s bacteria which break down your sweat into thioalcohols to lead to that scent.

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Your deodorant works based on two main mechanisms. First, it can kill and eliminate the bacteria on your skin and work as an antiperspirant by reducing the amount of your sweat. Secondly, its pleasant scent is used to cover the odor of your body. Besides, some deodorant contains the extra ingredients which can take care your skin. For this reason, you will have more options to choose the scent of deodorant that make you feel pleasant.

Can you distinct deodorant with antiperspirant?

Some people get difficulty in this problem and some said that it is one thing which has the same effect on getting rid of body odor. In fact, they are different.

Deodorant is considered as cosmetics but antiperspirant is categorized as over-the-counter medication that helps to prevent sweating. Antiperspirant is normally used for problems related to over sweating but it also brings the risk of some diseases like Alzheimer or breast cancer. Moreover, it even makes the body odor worse than anti-odorant.

However, antiperspirant is not a bad thing that you should stay away. If your smell related to over-sweating, the combination of antiperspirant and deodorant can bring the good result to solve your problem.

How much deodorant is enough?- Is that important?

The answer is ”yes”. You are using it every day but you may never think about the amount of deodorant that you should apply because you think that it does not matter. But have you ever noticed about some problem that you may experience when using deodorant?

If you are an active person but have body odor, you certainly using your anti-odorant constantly. However, as mentioned, the culprit is your body’s bacteria and it always presents and causes the smell. Because of over-sweating, the deodorant will fade out and can not cover your unattractive scent so you have to apply deodorant many times, and it truly inconvenient and take a lot of times.

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If your favorite shirts are the bright color, you definitely have to give up a lot of them because of terrible yellow stains. The explanation for this problem is due to anti-odorant contains Aluminum-based compounds which can react with your sweat or laundry detergent and cause yellow stains.

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The main component of deodorant is Aluminum-based substances that cover sweat gland to prevent the excessive sweating. The risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease related to aluminum is indicated but some research proved that it does not cause any harm to health. It is also a problem that you should concern.

So, how much deodorant should I use?

There is no exact amount of deodorant that enough because it depends on your deodorant product, level of daily activities and also your sweating condition.

First, you should choose a right anti-odorant that suitable for your condition.

The anti-odorant that you need is helping you to stay away from body odor and also take care of skin areas under your arms. You should concern some criteria below:

Types of deodorant:

Focus on what you need priority:
Anti-odorant is not only used for body odor but also can have some other features for improving the dark skin of armpit or over-sweating. You should consider your primary problem to choose the best deodorant for you. For example, you should take a deodorant-antiperspirant instead of a skin-whitening product if you have excessive sweating and want to keep your armpit dry for a long time in a day.

Fragrances: Many people concern about the scent when they choosing a anti-odorant product. The scent of perfume can increase women’s femininity and men’s masculinity that make them more attractive. But there are some people will be irritated or allergic to fragrance so that non-scented also is another suitable choice.

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Secondly, assess your condition.

If you have an energetic life with many activities, you will have over-sweating and body odor will be worse. The more activities you do, the more deodorant you have to apply.

On the other hand, men usually have to use a larger amount of deodorant than the woman. The reason is their arm’s size is bigger than the woman so it is another factor that decides how much anti-odorant should you use.

The best time to apply deodorant is right after taking bath or at least you have to clean it first. After that, wipe dry your armpit’s areas and apply your deodorant, Don’t forget to wait a few minutes to make it dry totally before getting dressed if you do not want the appearance of yellow stains.

Body odor is truly a big deal with many people but using a deodorant product in right way is also an important problem.

After reading this article, hope you can find out the answer to the question: “How much deodorant should I use?”.


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