6 Practical Tips You Can Use to Lose Belly Fat

Lose belle fat
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belly fat
6 Practical Tips You Can Use to Lose Belly Fat

Most people have some belly fat that they don’t like. When seated, their tummy folds up, and it is something they don’t like to see.

The problem is that even though they do turns of exercise routines, the fat just doesn’t seem to disappear. So, a lot of people try waist trainers or some go as far as tummy tuck which may be very pricey.

In this article, we will talk about what really happens in your abdomen, why we have fat stored up there and how to eliminate it.

What Is Belly Fat?

Here’s the thing you should know: Everyone has belly fat, even obviously slim people.

This belly fat is really some fat that is located in the abdomen, and is one of the hardest places to lose fat. Healthwise, belly fat if in excess, can be linked with several health problems and diseases.

In the abdomen, there are two places this fat can be stored:

  • Fat under the skin
  • Fat deep inside the organs (also called visceral fat)

Visceral fat helps as a cushion for organs. Too much of this cushion could be bad for both slim and overweight people as it can cause high blood pressure, heart diseases and some types of cancer.

Where Does Belly Fat Come From?


The saying that you are what you eat is a big fact! Why? Because research has found out that 70% of what you eat will determine your belly fat and only 30% of your work out or activity will help. So, if you eat the right meals in appropriate proportion, you can avoid an excess belly fat. On the other hand, a junk diet full of fats and carbohydrates may worsen it.

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How To Get Rid Of Excessive Belly Fat

If your tummy isn’t much in shape, and you want to get rid of some excess fat in your abdomen, we have some practical tips for you, and they are fairly easy to carry out.

1. Reducing Intake of Oily, Fatty Foods:

Trans fat and saturated fat can be unhealthy for you, and foods that are quite oily or outright fat contain high amounts of these.An increased intake of unhealthy fat increases your chances of having heart disease, obesity and cancer.

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Oily foods also contain unnecessary calories with extra fat that is unwanted especially when you want to lose belly fat. It strains the digestive system as fat is the slowest to digest, requiring more enzymes and digestive juice. When the digestive system becomes overworked, it often leads to bloating, discomfort and nausea.

2. Reducing Carb intake

We all love carbohydrates but they become bad when excess is ingested into the body, this excess is then stored in the body as fat. Reducing Carbohydrate intake like white bread, cookies, candy, rice, cake and donuts will help your body get rid of belly fat.

Also substituting complex carbohydrate with simple carbs having high fiber can reduce your risk of diabetes making it easy to digest your food.

3. Eating more Soluble Fiber

They come from plants and are also a source of carbohydrate. They are found mainly in legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains examples are oats, blueberries, and beans. Fiber is like a broom, when it gets to the stomach and intestines, it helps sweep or remove unwanted cholesterol particles in the body thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases.

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Another advantage of soluble fiber is that it helps relieve inflammation in the bowel. Conditions like constipation and diarrhea can be avoided by increasing dietary fiber, making you have healthy bowel movements.

4. Increased Protein Diet

Lean protein is very helpful when trying to lose belly fat. Lean protein can be found inSalmon, chicken breast, beans, and eggs. They are very nutritious and can keep you away from taking in too many carbs and fatty foods.

Proteins are also known to repair worn out tissue in the body. They help with weight management by filling you up. When on a high protein diet, you simply will lose more fat than muscle as protein repairs worn out muscles and it makes you fuller making you less likely to overeat.

5. Reducing Stress Levels

Most times, the impact of stress is underrated by many people, what they don’t know is that when people get stressed they start eating anything that comes their way and may also start eating at the wrong time.

Having set meal times is very important and having the proper amount of sleep is necessary to achieve a stress-free mind.

6. Exercise

Having an active lifestyle to burn excess calories helps to curb tummy fat. Abdominal exercises like crunches, plank, bodyweight squats, cycling at home with a stationary bike, running, weight training, and yoga could help. (You can check this review of exercise bikes that may help you)

As we mentioned earlier, losing belly fat is more about your diet than exercise. Your quest to let go of this fat will be more difficult if you keep up with physical fitness but ignore the role of a good, healthy diet.

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